Story and Unique

Tell me your story. I want you to be unique

Design is a matter of inspiration, and I’d like to inspire myself with you. But no one knows you better than yourself. For all these times when you look for something and can’t find, or you have an idea but it’s not what you need, work with a professional is the best way to hit. I want you to tell me your story, participate in the creation of your design, a necklace, a bracelet or a hat. If the event is special for you, it’s also for me. Just to make you feel unique.

The difference between elegant and dazzling may be in a complement, and there are hats which steal a bride’s spotlight. Be a rogue for a day! Write us your idea, your tastes, materials you love, colours, that date you’ve got saved on your notebook, and tell your own story in the first person!